Beginners Ballet for Adults

Upcoming Course: 24 October @ 8:00 - 9:00

You’re invited to be swept away as you experience the classical & timeless art of ballet. In this 6 week beginners course, you will be introduced to the foundations of ballet and how it builds on from there so that you can finally learn ballet in a starters class designed for those who have never set foot in a ballet studio before. No need to feel worried or nervous about not being skilled enough. We promise to start from the very beginning 🙂 No experience or fitness levels  needed. Don’t hesitate, just sign-up by filling out the form on your right. Now is your chance to be part of the movement and incorporate ballet as part of your  healthy lifestyle choice.

Dates: 24 October – 28 November

Times: 8:00 – 9:00 (Please arrive 10 minutes before class starts)

Venue: The Art of Movement – 101 Barry Hertzog Ave, Emmarentia

Investment: R580 for the full course

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Course Details

By stepping into The Art of Movement studio we guarantee that you will…

  • Express yourself & shake away your stress and tension!
  • Meet new friends!
  • Dance those excess calories away!
  • Feel the music & find your passion!
  • Conquer that bucket list.

Who Can do this Course?

  • The course is suitable for those with two left feet and no rhythm.
  • Adults of any age. No age limit 🙂
  • Any BODY – All body types & weights are invited
  • Disabilities? We have experience. Don’t let it stop you (just give us a heads up)

What to wear? 

  • General gym wear is fine so as long as I can see your ankles. Relatively tight fitting
  • Ballet shoes are needed which can be bought at any local ballet store


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Pretty Interesting Course. I love the break down. It really makes ballet easy to grasp unlike when i've jumped into existing ballet classes and I was totally left behind. Now I can say that I do ballet 🙂 And im confident enough to join normal ballet classes 🙂


Awesome course. Highly Recommended!


Course Content:

1.Basic ballet Steps & Footwork – We start you off with literally step-by-step. 

2. Body Alignment & Styling –  Learn the poise that comes with ballet 

3. Ballet Tricks & TechniquesSetting you up to be strong enough to balance and spin on one leg 

4. Musical Co-ordination – Know your ballet music, and learn how to dance to it

5. Choreography – . At the end of this 10 week course, you would have completed a full ballet routine.


Why wait for us to respond? Go ahead and book yourself in

Kelly Lynch

Kelly Lynch

Your Ballet Teacher

Make it happen

Let's get you into the studio 🙂