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Upcoming 6-week beginners course: 28 August - 02 October @ 18:30 - 19:30

You’re invited to be swept away as you experience the sensual & joyous art of salsa dancing. Not only does The Art of Movement introduce you to salsa dancing with this beginners course, we also introduce you to an entire community of people with one thing in common – the need to feel alive in a safe and fun environment! No partner or experience needed. Don’t hesitate, just sign-up by filling out the form on your right. Now is your chance to be part of the movement and introduce salsa dancing as part of your lifestyle & culture.

Dates: 29 January – 04 March (Every Wednesday)

Times: 18:30 – 19:30 (Please arrive 10 minutes before class starts)

Venue: The Art of Movement – 101 Barry Hertzog Ave, Emmarentia

Investment: R550 (single) OR R950 (per couple) for the full course

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By stepping into the salsa world we guarantee that you will…

  • Express yourself & shake away your stress and tension!
  • Meet new friends, connect & start a party!
  • Dance those excess calories away!
  • Feel the music, find your passion, and let loose/de-stress!
  • No more bored nights in front of the tv, now you can experience 100% Instagram-worthy nights.


  • The course is suitable for those with two left feet and no rhythm.
  • No partner needed but if you have one bring them along
  • Casual clothes will do. Takkies are not recommended
Leigh is a great instructor. We always have so much fun in her classes. It's nice and slow, so we actually figure out what we are doing & now we dominate the social scene! Thanks Leigh!


Awesome course. Highly Recommended!


Course Content:

1.Salsa  Steps & Footwork – We start you off with literally step-by-step. 

2. Body Alignment & Styling –  Learn how to dance with your entire body, not just your feet. 

3. Partnerwork & Responding to Spontaneous CuesLearn the language of salsa dancing so that you can respond & connect effectively with a partner, ensuring that you and everyone you dance with have a great time.

4. Musical Co-ordination & Rhythm – Understanding the salsa beat is pretty much everything. After all we are dancing to music. 

5. How to Have Fun – At the end of this course, you will have the tools and confidence to finally be part of the excitement.


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Kelly Lynch

Kelly Lynch

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