Beginners Yoga Course

Upcoming Course: 03 November at 9:00

Experience the amazing effects of yoga. In this 6 week beginners course, you will be introduced to the foundations of yoga, from the traditional poses, to the philosophies that make yoga what it is. This absolute beginners course is designed for those who have never stepped onto a yoga mat before. No need to feel worried or nervous about not being fit or flexible enough. We promise there wont be any pretzeling until you are ready for it :). Yoga is all about working at your personal pace. The only person you have to compete with is yourself. While we are never rushing in yoga, unfortunately space is limited to only 15 spots so don’t hesitate. If this sounds like what you have been looking for then sign-up today by filling out the form on your right. Now is your chance to be part of the movement and incorporate yoga as part of your  healthy lifestyle choice.

Dates: 03 November – 08 December (Every Friday)

Times: 9:00 – 10:00 (Please arrive 10 minutes before class starts)

Venue: The Art of Movement – 101 Barry Hertzog Ave, Emmarentia

Investment: R550 for the full course

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Course Details

By stepping into The Art of Movement studio we guarantee that you will…

  •  Yoga away your stress and tension
  • Meet new like-minded friends!
  • Squeeze out those excess calories!
  • Find a new passion as you become immersed in this ancient art!
  • Conquer that bucket list.

Who Can do this Course?

  • The course is suitable for the unfit & inflexible, alongside the fit & flexible.
  • Adults of any age. No age limit 🙂
  • Any BODY – All body types & weights are invited
  • Disabilities? We have experience. Don’t let it stop you (just give us a heads up)

What to wear? 

  • General gym wear is fine.
  • Clothes need to be somewhat stretchy.
  • No shoes & socks.
  • Hair needs to be tied back/up.



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Loved it! Yoga is my new favourite thing. I can't believe how I have been functioning without it.


I'm 50 now and for years I've been suffering with back pain. I was just completely tired of going to physios & biokineticists's without much change. Through Yoga I have learnt how to relieve my back pain & hopefully with enough practice it will go forever.


Course Content:



1.Traditional Hatha Yoga Poses – We start right at the basic beginning. 

2. Postural Alignment –  Learn where your body is misaligned and learn to self-correct.

3. Breathing & Relaxation  Learn the art of relaxation through yoga.   

4. Yoga Philosophy – Tap into this amazing set of wisdom

5. Who are you – Through developing consciousness, we attain a greater understanding of ourselves.


Why wait for us to respond? Go ahead and take action

Kelly Botes

Kelly Botes

Your Yoga Teacher



  • Can i pay for a drop in and see if i like it before committing to the whole course:
    • Our course numbers fill up quickly so when we reach our capacity then preference is given to those who have committed to the whole course.
  • What if I miss a class:
    • We have several open yoga classes during the week which you can attend as well.
  • Do I need my own yoga mat:
    • No, we have mats for you to use
  • Can I pay on the day:
    • We will send out invoices prior to the start of the course for those who would like to do an EFT. As long as you have signed up and received email confirmation that you are booked for the course then you may pay on the day.
  • Do you have card facilites:
    • Yes 🙂 We take mastercard & visa
  • Do you have shower facilities at the studio?
    • Unfortunately not, but there are change rooms & bathrooms for you to change in.


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