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Medicinal and pharmaceutical innovations promise to improve our health and wellness. To boost our physical energy levels and to rid us of daily aches and pains… but what happens when we break the cycle? The whole system comes crashing down! We believe that Yoga is the best holistic approach to health, wellness and healing? Yoga is a way of life that provides all-rounded well-being and spiritual refreshment - the elixir that makes life positive. Consistent Yoga practice creates an increased and improved flow of energy through the body assisting to:
  1. help open joints
  2. extend and strengthen muscles (all major muscle groups)
  3. improve blood circulation throughout the body and flushing out stagnating blood in the organs
  4. squeezing out fatigue, toxins & illness
  5. refresh the brain & mind to help bring clarity and calm to your inner space
If you want to feel and experience these benefits of Yoga, then we invite you to our Beginners Yoga course. Over 12 weeks, you will be introduced to the two Vinyasa yoga


Course Date:

Monday 31 July - 02 October  | (10 lessons) The course will take place every Monday morning: 9h00 - 10h00  


R800.00 only. Book now Hurry, as there is limited space available.  

Your teacher:

Kelly's teaching style is both passionate and invigorating. Her love for the traditional teachings comes through in every class in both theory and poses. Her calm yet interestingly challenging classes will leave you feeling energised and inspired .

  Yoga meets and supports you exactly where you are in life. So invest in yourself, and join us on this journey which will give you the tools to find grace within the struggle. Peace within the fire. Through Yoga practice, you will cultivate a healthy relationship between your body, mind and sense of self - improving your general health and well-being. When you face yourself, you can face life with strength. Come and absorb all the energy that Yoga gives to you, so that you may walk your path in life with confidence and an undeniable zest for life! So stop what you are doing and sign up today!  


101 Barry Hertzog Avenue, Emmarentia. Look for the bright green wall on the corner of Barry Hertzog and Judith ave. We have safe and secure parking.

Contact details:

  1. 0114860638 | 0766863280 (whatsapp / sms only)
Namaste and see you there.

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