Yoga Teachers

May 19, 2016

Kelly Botes


I would say my yoga journey started when I participated in a meditation course at the age of 14. After the course I became an avid meditator learning the skill of stilling the mind and being completely at one with the present. It wasn’t long after that I joined a Bikram yoga class where my love and dedication for yoga began to develop. In varsity I found a Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga teacher who took my practice on a road I had never ventured down. It was amazing and, although an inflexible person, I soon became an Asana-Junkie.

I attended more and more classes and have been inspired by several teachers: My Hatha Teacher – Sally Flanigan; Vinyasa Teacher: Catherine Rogers; Jivamukti Teacher – Cheryl Duncan; Ashtanga Yoga Teachers – the late Ingrid, Vanessa Burger, and Andreas Bothner; and Sivananda Yoga teacher – Swami Yogasar. All of my teachers have inspired me to be the best yoga practitioner and the best teacher I can be. I find teaching one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs I have ever done, and it is absolutely amazing to deal with different people, who are all teachers in their own way, and learn from them as they learn from me.

As a yoga practitioner and teacher, I am a big advocate on learning to be kind and loving to the body. I believe in working at your own safe pace, and finding a way to be content with your yoga practice no matter how difficult or how simple. Every day your practice will be different, and in yoga accepting this is all that matters. Each class taken with me leaves my students in a happy-feel-good space, being both challenged and inspired by the practice.

My love for yogic philosophy is a massive element in classes where I express and explain influential teachings of gurus through the ages. I am passionate about the path to enlightenment and constantly share this with my students as an additional influence to their practice, understanding that there is more to the yoga practice than just poses.

Zahra Said

Zahra Said has dedicated many years and hard work to her martial arts. For twenty plus years she has dedicated time and energy into developing strong disciplines in her life. The philosophy of karate (the way of the empty hand) has helped guide Zahra on her journey of personal development. In her twenties Zahra found a curiosity for all things unconventional and this where Zahra began tapping into her potential. At first glimpse Zahra appears shy and timid, but once you’ve attended one of her all inspiring fiery fitness classes you too will get a glimpse of the magic she so passionately speaks of. The magic that is life, the magic that is movement, the magic that connects mind-body and spirit. Its been several years of studies, now a certified life coach, pilates and yoga instructor as well as 4th Dan (degree) blackbelt, Zahra believes in the fusion of movement; “I don’t think that there is one sport that we should dedicate all of our time too, its through my yoga practice that I learnt how important it is to counter what we do in order to achieve balance. Being an extreme runner will create shortness in hamstrings and damage joints after years practicing yoga or pilates helps to counter and/or reverse the shortness in muscles thus achieving balance in the body.”

After many years of pondering her career and the way in which Zahra would like to reach and serve the community Zahra finally had the conversation with long time friend and confidant about starting the project they have dreamed about for years. Its been a year of absolute magic as the co-founder of Authentic Movement. A company that thrives on offering unforgettable experiences using fitness and food as our tools to start the conversation of personal growth and mastery, to being to shift perspective and change lives, it starts with your willingness to commit to yourself. Learn who you are, what your needs are and what drives you, learn about your triggers, your blocks and personal limitations, then and only then will you certainly transform your life; “My life story can atest to this!!