May 31, 2013

At The Art of Movement we have found that incorporating a mixture of the various styles of yoga, enhance the yoga experience for each student. Each style of yoga generates a different kind of energy and different set of benefits. You will discover, on your yoga journey, that as you develop in your life your needs will change and it is our goal to reach you on that specific level. The Art of Movement is a very personal studio and our small classes are often described as leaving one with a happy-feel-good experience. Accompanied by a relaxing playlist of music, you can expect the class to include ancient yogic teachings & theory; Pranayama (breathing exercises); Surya Namasakara (Sun salutations); back bends; forward bends, twists and inversions.

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If you are looking to get fit & flexible, and still work towards inner peace then Ashtanga yoga is the style for you. This set sequence of yoga is high energy generating style of yoga that will power you up for the day as each yoga pose is designed to build an inner energy/heat. This challenging sequence has the capacity to be absolutely transformative on all levels.



Our vinyasa yoga classes are geared towards those that like variation, style & fluidity. These individually designed sequences are known for taking you on a different yoga journey with every class. No class is the same, and yet you will feel & see the development of your yoga practice with each lesson. A vinyasa yoga class is literally like a box of chocolates “you never know what you gonna get”.



Hatha Yoga is the go-to-class for those who are feeling overwhelmed by life’s stresses & in need of some healing. A typical hatha yoga class will include fewer postures than its latter sibling yoga styles, but with the added benefit of leaving you feeling stress free, reconnected & rebalanced. A gentle and loving style.



Experience a full holiday secluded in the mountains with but one class. The name says it all – it is 100% restorative. If you are just in need of some tlc, these fully supported postures are for you. Feel the benefits of each posture without the stress of getting into it. With bolsters, blankets, pillows & blocks each class will ensure that you have your own personal getaway. Fantastic for those who are recovering from illnesses, injuries, or overwhelming anxiety/panic attacks.


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