28 September | Mondays | 19:30 - 20:30 | R600 for the full course


About this course

In this six-week beginners course for adults, you will be introduced to the basic contemporary dance movement, based on the Imperial syllabus (ISTD). You will learn tips and trick to help with the stylisation of the movements, as well as tips and trick work to impress and wow not only yourself, but anyone who may have the honor of watching you perform. We will introduce you to drills for strength and flexibility that you can practice both in-studio and on your own at home to improve at your own pace. At the end of this six-week course you will be able to confidently dance a short choreography 🙂 We guarantee that in this course will bring smiles and joy every lesson, you will be able to wow yourself with the rate of your improvement, and if you’re confident enough you can always show off your choreography for the “gram” or just close friends and family. Either way, we will become your favorite dance family to share these happy moments with. The course is limited to only six people, and our studio follows strict Covid-19 operating protocols. Please do let us know if you would like to see our operations manual. We look forward to sharing the space with you.


My name is Ashleigh Botes. I started modern theatre dance at the age of 4 and since then dance has formed a big part of who I am today. Throughout my 18 years of dance I have participated in many competitions, showcases and completed many exams under the Imperial Society of the Teachers of Dance (ISTD) in ballet, modern, and tap. Being exposed to these opportunities and challenges has given me the tools, knowledge, and technique that has helped me become the dancer I am today. Dancing for me has always been a safe space free of all the worlds problems, where I can come and express myself in dance. This is something I aim to replicate in my classes. Regardless of your age, experience or knowledge of dance attending a class with me is aimed to make you feel energised, inspired and challenged. Being able to share that space with anyone who joins brings me great joy and I hope to see you all there soon . Looking foward to dancing with you!

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I attend the adult ballet classes with Ashleigh, with varying degrees of energy and a definite lack of balance... Ash has the patience of a saint, and is one of the kindesst humans I know! Her knowledge and love of ballet is evident in all her explanations and demonstrations. Her boundless enthusiasm is infectious, and attending class every week is very much my own little piece of joy. I really do appreciate the opportunity to heal some childhood disappointments as a rather cranky middle-aged woman now! I can only say thank you to Ashleigh for always treating us with kindness and respect.
Nicole Hutton
Ashley is so down-to-earth that she doesn't feel like a teacher but like a friend who happens to be a really talented ballet dancer. She makes class incredibly enjoyable and I always look forward to her lessons.
Emma Parsons
Ashleigh has the most impeccable mind blowing talent. She is incredibly creative and it really baffles me how she's able to turn every song into her own melody of movement. She understands how to really transform the music into something fearlessly beautiful. I could dance with her until the end of time. She is super professional and her knowledge about dance inspires me. She has poise and control and is always ontop of her game. I would recommend Ashleigh to anyone that has a love for dance the way she does.
I joined the adult contemporary beginner dance class as a 36 year old with very limited dancing experience. Having no formal dance background I was naturally nervous about the class and if I would be able to keep up. The first class went from a total anxiety attack to absolute happiness. The class had a range of students from absolute beginners, such as myself, to dancers who danced competitively in their youth and just wanted to get back into the swing of the art. Ashleigh, as the instructor, managed to cater for all the individuals at all level and was able to keep the class challenging without overwhelming anybody. I would truly recommend the adult beginner contemporary dance class to anyone who is wondering or considering taking up dancing as a hobby. The class not only helps with fitness and physical health but is a fantastic way to manage mental health and develop creativity.
Anne-Marie Botha

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