29 September - 20 October | Every Sunday @ 8:00 - 9:30 | 101 Barry Hertzog Ave, Emmarentia | R500 for the full course

Through the ancient practice of yoga, you will be given a tool to heal & strengthen your body; bring clarity of mind; and encourage an overall calmer disposition within your life.  We, at The Art of Movement, have found that these benefits can be experienced in several forms of yoga, but we are particularly passionate about sharing yoga in its absolute fullness. We will teach yoga poses, as well as yogic philosophies, yogic breathing & meditation.

In this 4 week introductory course you will be exposed to the fundamental philosophies & different approaches of the four yoga styles that we encourage. On completion of this course, we guarantee that you will be able to join any of our existing classes with confidence. Furthermore, you will have the ease of mind knowing you are going to a style of yoga that works best with your style & needs. Once you know where you are at, you can begin a steady yoga practice, enhancing your quality of life through the timeless effects of yoga.

Course Details

Week 1: Hatha yoga & ancient yogic philosophy

Week 2: Vinyasa yoga & Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques)

Week 3: Ashtanga yoga & Meditation

Week 4: Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

By investing in your self with a Yoga practice we guarantee that you will…

  • Relieve your overall stress and tension
  • Explore your personal capacity in a safe space
  • Heal your body, unburden your emotional space, & de-clutter the mind
  • Tap into a circle of like-minded people, experiencing the same space that you do.
  • Experience the art of relaxation & finding stillness
  • The course is suitable for those with little-to-no yoga experience
  • Any BODY – no fitness requirements necessary
  • Any AGE – yoga improves the body with age, it does not wreck it. 🙂

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What to expect from the course?

The aim of this course is to give you a well rounded understanding of yoga. It is to equip you with the knowledge of how the yogic poses, the breathing techniques & the meditation are all designed to give you deep rest and healing, as well as a great sense of “connected-ness” with oneself.

1.Yoga Poses – The yoga asanas (poses) are designed to bring strength, balance & overall health to the body     

2. Pranayama –  In pranayama (yogic breathing), we use the breath as a tool to utilize our deeper reservoirs of energy within our personal energy field. This helps to bring a overall calmness to the body & mind, to settle overwhelming emotions, and to bridge the gap between body & mind to prepare for meditation. 

3. Meditation – Meditation is an ancient and timeless technique of creating stillness in the mind, in order to help reorganize our thoughts, to release subtle and deep stresses, and to bring us into a state of deep rest from which true healing can happen. 

4. Yogic Philosophies – To be without an understanding of the yogic philosophies, is to cripple oneself on the yogic journey unnecessarily. You will be introduced to the yogic sutras of Patanjali, in order to gain a greater understanding of the wisdom of this ancient knowledge, which will help bring everything you are learning in the poses, breathing & meditation into context with your own life and how to integrate everything so that you can benefit from yoga both on your mat and in your day to day life. 

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