Yoga Jive Workshop with Njeezy Zulu

Friday 9 April: 17:30 - 19:00 | Saturday 10 April: 16:00 - 17:30 | Sunday 11 April: 10:00 - 11:30

101 Barry Hertzog Ave, Emmarentia

About this workshop

Yogajive is a yoga class that incorporates dance elements, using the yoga poses in a beautifully choreographed class that emphasizes the flow of movements in each asana, as well as enjoying a gorgeous playlist of music to synchronize and connect with. These classes will connect you to your inner dancer as well as your inner yogi. The classes are designed for absolute beginners to both yoga and dancing, as well as seasoned yogis and dancers. 

Friday 9th of April: Beginners Series: Enjoy a gentle flow mostly floor-based in which you can explore movement from the safe confines of the yoga mat. This class is perfect for absolute beginners, or seasoned yogis who enjoy a slower restorative & meditative yoga experience. 

Saturday 10th of April: Intermediate Series: Vibrant flow incorporating more standing and balancing poses to explore freeing the dancer within you. Great for all yoga practitioners.

Sunday 11th of April: Advanced Series:  This will be a strong flow, designed for the power yogis & fit dancers, which will include arm balances and intense asanas. Great for regular yoga practitioners.

Join us in-studio and online for a wonderfully freeing yoga experience. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!  

About YogaJive

Yogajive first came as an idea after i did my first yoga teacher training in Jivananda, during this time i was part of the amazing yoga project called (Township Yogi Project) this project introduces yoga to different townships in the country and we were very privileged to be selected by the project for the teacher training. During my training I met a lot of yoga teachers who inspired my journey as a yoga instructor from the township and attended different yoga festivals and yoga styles. With my dance experience I saw that yoga would be very helpful to my dancing. I started to mess around and freestyle to Chinese songs using yoga asana and my dance moves. After I finished my 200hr teacher training we had another privilege to be selected to travel to Cape Town join a 300hr teacher training with the well famous and respected Jim Harrington who was hosting a Workshop with Simon Borg-Oliver. The workshop taught me the importance of moving with awareness and to understand your body, towards the end of our 300hr teacher training. We went to India for our second module of our training and that is were Jim told me that for my final module I will have to host a workshop of my choice but must be related to yoga. At first i wanted to teach them dance because I know a lot of strong and flexible yogis who believe they can’t dance and a lot of dancers who think they are not flexible enough to do yoga. The idea came to my mind that I must just teach them what i have been  doing, I chose one Chinese relaxation song and choreographed ‘yoga dance’ to teach in the workshop. I then came up with a strategy to make my choreography easy, fun and importantly make yogis see that they can dance! I took moves that I learnt from Simon’s workshop, used some of the Chi Kung and different yoga asanas made them one flowing movement. I called my workshop a YogaJive Workshop simply because we are dancing with awareness and sharing energies in a very relaxing way. I mostly work with Township schools as a physical training instructor teaching YogaJive to kids.

About Njeezy

I am an Advanced Yoga Instructor & Dance Teacher. I started practicing and teaching yoga back in 2014 with the Township Yogi Project with introduced me to Jim Harrington and Simon Borg-Oliver in Cape Town. I have taught hatha yoga and YogaJive in India and France. I’ve also hosted a number of successful YogaJive workshops both in Cape Town and Durban. 

About The Art Of Movement

The Art of Movement is a dance and yoga studio in Emmarentia, Johannesburg established in 2012. We boast a busy timetable of dancing and yoga for both children and adults. Our yoga practitioners enjoy a wide variety of daily classes including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga & Restorative Yoga.Our dance specialities include ballet, modern, contemporary, hip hop, tap and salsa for children and adults. We follow the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing syllabus and partake in competition, exam and show work. 

Contact Us:

Tel: 011 486-0638
Mobile: 076-686-3280 (whatsapp or sms us and we will call you back) 


Our physical address:

101 Barry Hertzog Ave, Emmarentia, Randburg (look for the bright green wall)