About our studio

The Art of Movement is a dance and yoga studio in Emmarentia, Johannesburg established in 2012. We boast a busy timetable of dancing and yoga for both children and adults.

Our yoga practitioners enjoy a wide variety of daily classes including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga & Restorative Yoga.

Our dance specialities include ballet, modern, contemporary, hip hop, tap and salsa for children and adults. We follow the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing syllabus and partake in competition, exam and show work.


Our students are taught the international ISTD syllabus (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) in classes with no more than ten students per class.

The perfect discipline of dance to start your dance journey with. Ballet teaches artistry, technique, poise and control. We start our ballet classes for both boys and girls from the ages of 4 and up.

Modern & Contemporary
Do you love the strength and artistry of ballet but feel that you need more from a creativity perspective? Modern dance is the one for you then. Still working with technique, poise & strength – it incorporates much more body movement, creative exploration, fun choreography and of course awesome music.

Technique, footwork, awesome music and a high cardio dance form with an intellectual challenge attached. What more could you want? Tap is a lovely dance form for those who want to work both their body and their mind, challenging themselves to create music with nothing but their feet.

Hip Hop
Find your inner street dancer. This awesome dance style based on natural movement, great beats and awesome choreography, is bound to bring out your strength, inner attitude and heaps of confidence. This is a style that you will no doubt fall in love with.

This improvised partnerwork dance is all about the rhythm, music and subtle partner dynamics to get you and your partner dancing circles around each other in no time at all. Plus who doesn’t love salsa music?

The perfect fusion between gymnastics and dancing. Experience the WOW effect of amazing gymnastics feats with the beauty and grace of dancing. With the acrobatics even being an olympic sport, this style is guaranteed to take you far.


Our classes are kept small and intimate with under ten people per class to ensure that you receive as much personal attention as possible.

A gentle style of yoga, at a slow to moderate pace, is based on very traditional yoga asanas
with a strong focus on correct alignment and execution of the pose.

This style of yoga can range between a slow class to a fast powered class. A vinyasa class boasts great variety and style from class to class with the emphasis on incorporating movement with breath in a class that will challenge you physically, keep you entertained, and create a moving meditation all in one hour.

Based on the traditional sequence by Sri K, Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga is a set sequence, considered a power yoga style. Its fast pace, and challenging poses, is perfectly suited for those looking for a stronger practice to fall completely in love with.

Restorative Yin
The aim of the game here is to get completely comfortable, completely supported, and
completely rested here. No struggle in this practice. Your job is to relax. This style of yoga is very slow, with the emphasis on holding the poses with as many props and support as possible in order to achieve fascial release within the body, as well as deep rest.

Our teachers

Dance teachers

Kelly Lynch
(Ballet, Modern, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary & Salsa)

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Ariel Fernandes
(Ballet, Contemporary)

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Yoga teachers

Kelly Lynch
(Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative)

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Tahira Crowder

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