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The Art of Movement is a dance & yoga studio with a focus on a holistic approach to teaching our art form.  In our efforts to build up our students in both their bodies and minds, our classes incorporate the following ideals:

  1. PASSION: We strive to instill the same drive and passion that we feel in the hearts of all our students
  2. POISE: We teach our students to develop the tools to find grace within any struggle
  3. PERFECTION: We share in the wisdom that encourages perfection of the self

We at The Art of Movement are a dedicated team of passionate teachers striving to provide the most authentic, joyous experience of dance & yoga possible. We look forward to sharing our happy space with you!

The Art of Movement Team


Adult & Children's classes


A classical dance form demanding grace & precision, utilising formalised dance steps, gestures & mime to narrate a story.

Modern Jazz

A broad genre of theatrical dance, that focuses on a dancers personal interpretation of movement through understanding & expressing emotions.


A popular social dance form involving partner-work. These classes follow the L.A. style/cross body style of salsa.


A musical dance form characterised by the rhythmical beats & percussion executed by the dancers feet, with a focus on both choreography & improvisation.


A passionate dance form, using rhythmic sounds through the feet, percussive sounds through clapping & castanets.

Hip Hop

A form of street dance, characterised by popping & locking, animation, lyrical & break dancing, with a constantly growing range of movement to hip hop music.

Yoga Classes

Different strokes for different folkes

Ashtanga Yoga

A fast paced form of yoga, popularised by Sri K Phattabi Jois, designed to energise the body & mind through a set series of poses.

Vinyasa Yoga

A medium to fast paced form of yoga characterised by flowing from one pose to the next with co-ordinated breathing. Beautiful merger between challenging & relaxing classes.

Hatha Yoga

A slow paced form of yoga following the traditional yoga poses, in an effort to align and balance the body. This class will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Restorative Yoga

Very slow, gentle and grounding form of yoga using props to help release the body and move it into a state of deep rest where healing can really take place.

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101 Barry Hertzog Ave, Emmarentia (Randburg)
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